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Mingmei Li 


Mingmei Li is a senior at University High School Irvine, California. She has been making art for more than 12 years and has attended various art studios since the third grade.


Her practice of making plain sketches during the beginning of her art study built a solid foundation for her future pursuit of art. Her pursuit of art exposed her to various medias such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, collages, and sculpture.


Mingmei has attended both the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of California, Los Angeles summer programs for additional understanding of art. She is currently working on an art therapy project that will help those who struggle with various maladies and personal issues to appropriately express themselves through art. She attributes her inspiration of the art therapy project from her AP Psychology course and further explores the utility of art in therapy settings. 


I invite you to visit my website below, which will document the process of each therapy class and I hope that together we may witness the growth of the students participating in my art therapy project.

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